We manufacture 3 main precast concrete products, namely Box Culverts, U-drains and L-shapes. Our products are used for drain, tunnel and retaining wall construction. These drains, tunnels and retaining walls are essential in the construction of roads, bridges, underpasses as well as wastewater systems, which are required across all types of construction sub-sectors, be it infrastructure, residential or commercial construction projects.

We also manufacture and supply other complementary precast concrete products such as manholes, airfield ground lighting pits and reinforced concrete caisson chamber rings. Our products are typically sold to building material distributors, contractors and property developers based in Malaysia.

Since June 2020, we also manufacture RE wall panels on an OEM basis for a local RE wall system provider. RE wall systems are made of interlocking hexagonal concrete panels and is commonly used for construction of retaining walls for flyovers.

In general, precast concrete products have the following advantages as compared to cast-in-situ concrete products (concrete structures which are poured, moulded and cured on site):

ItemPrecast concrete productsCast in-situ concrete structures
Construction duration  Faster construction process – the product is ready-made and only needs to be installed on-siteAdverse weather conditions will affect the curing and lengthen the construction process
Site management  Lesser construction activities on-site, reduction in construction waste and lower labour requirementsRequires more labour and resources to cater for casting and curing of concrete structures on-site
CostPrices are fixed upon purchase and are not subject to price fluctuations allowing for better budgeting and forecastingSubject to raw material price fluctuations over a project’s duration and risk of additional cost from construction wastages on-site